Implement Medicine 2.0 Into Your Practice Today!

Partner directly with the Beyond Protocols Team to transform your Functional Medicine practice to generate a steady flow of dream patients by helping your most difficult cases get better, faster, and with fewer adverse reactions.

How Does It Work?
You're a physician, nurse practitioner, naturopath, nutritional consultant, or other functional medicine practitioner looking to scale your functional medicine practice so you can exponentially expand your clinical outcomes and practice success. 


You've probably been stuck for a while, frustrated by all the gurus, hype and flood of information that never seems to fit together into a strategy that actually works for you, or your patients and clients.


That ends right now. 

As a member of Beyond Protocols, you will have access to the world's most complete Medicine 2.0 system, combined with world-class support and training.


From the first moment you sign up, you'll have the confidence and clarity you've been searching for. 


You'll meet with your dedicated practice coach to map out your customized strategy for success. We'll use our unique Dream Practice Process to create your customized implementation plan together quickly, without overwhelm.


Together we will build and launch every component of your Medicine 2.0 Functional Medicine Practice:


Your signature offer, genomic nutrition, functional testing, million dollar message, appointment generation, advertising, office system, and patient follow-up.


After your implementation goes live, we will help you optimize and scale your practice to your revenue goals and beyond.


Congratulations, your journey starts now.

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